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Mount Mansfield Snow Depth

Current Snow Depth

Mt. Mansfield snow depth has been recorded continuously at a stake 3900 feet on the mountain since 1954. The reading is a single data point that can be used to give you an idea of how the season is progressing in the high country.

The metric is popularly used for determining when the backcountry is "in." Many locals follow the rule that you should not venture into the backcountry until the snow at the stake reaches 40 inches.

What this reading doesn't tell you is how elevation dependent the snow and conditions are, so it's important to take the measurement with a grain of salt and dial your stoke appropriately for the conditions.

You can use the dropdown below the chart to compare this season to a historical season.

Last 10 Wind and Temps

Use the previous 10 days wind and temperature readings to tell the quality of the snow on the hill.


When used in conjunction with the snow depth plot, temperature can tell you if snow has melted and refrozen since it fell.

Since the data comes from the Mt. Mansfield snow stake's location at 3900 feet, this temperature effectively represent an upper bound for temperatures on the mountain.


Wind speed and direction can tell you if wind has impacted fresh snow and where the snow might have blown. Wind generally pushes snow from windward aspects (the side the wind is blowing from) to leeward aspects (the opposite direction).

The wind direction measurement indicates the direction the wind is coming from, so a reading of 270 indicates the wind is blowing from west to east and a reading of 180 indicates the wind is blowing from the south to north.

Coming Soon: More Stations

Snow depth at different NWS stations

In an effort to provide you a better picture of snowpack health I'm going to add snow depth data from NWS weather stations across the state. I'll also provide elevation data of each station and provide a map of the listed stations.

The current image is accurate as of January 26, 2020.

About the data

Last updated:

The latest data is provided by the NWS Burlington office. The source data for snow depth can be found in the Daily Hydrometeorological Report. The snow depth plot is updated within the hour of new data being published in the report.

Many thanks to the WCAX engineers who for years reported the snow depth and to the NWS for stepping in to keep the historical record going.